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Miteinander in Europa E.V.

Miteinander in Europa e.V. is based in Lüneburg and aims to promote the European idea through discussion and social engagement. The focus is on education and the promotion of networking and learning ideas in all areas of life in the European community.
MITEINANDER IN EUROPA stands for European values - especially democracy. Today, an open, pluralistic and liberal democracy is a matter of course. That is why MITEINANDER IN EUROPA is particularly committed to democracy-promoting activities and tries to counteract radicalization, especially right-wing radicalism.

How is this project important for MITEINANDER IN EUROPA?  

The PACT project identifies problems that can arise from radicalization and shows ways to counteract it. To this end, it addresses the method of critical thinking, which is to be anchored more deeply in the field of education. Within the framework of the project, methods for democratisation and for learning critical thinking are tested and elaborated. It is important to address the topic in this project in order to promote MITEINANDER IN EUROPA.

How will MITEINANDER IN EUROPA use the project results?

MITEINANDER IN EUROPA will help to develop its competences in democracy building. Staff and volunteers will acquire methodological skills that will qualify them for future workshops locally, regionally and internationally.

Motto in relation to the project: Education creates opportunities for active citizenship and democracy
Imke Hoheisel
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