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MOSAIC // Culture & Creativity is a Social Enterprise established in Greece in 2018. Its primary objective is the promotion, the empowerment, the capacity building, the audience Development and the extroversion of Cultural and Creative Organizations in Greece as well as the studying and monitoring of the Cultural and Creative Sector and its contribution to local development, the economy and social cohesion.
We encourage Cultural and Social Innovation and Creative Entrepreneurship by supporting and guiding creative business and start-ups, developing local regional and international synergies and creating alternative ways of networking and co-operation between creative actors, businesses and the public.
At MOSAIC, we’ve designed and developed a range of services and activities addressed to the Cultural and Creative Organizations, the Artists and the Civil Society in general taking into consideration intercultural engagement, gender balance and multidisciplinary interconnections. Some of them are the following:
MOSAIC INCUBATOR provides personalized guidance and counselling, in order to develop, improve and transform early stage concepts and initial ideas into high-innovation and social impact business ventures and projects.
We organise and host various training activities, focusing on Cultural Management, Cultural Entrepreneurship and Creative Economy. Seminars, Workshops, Masterclasses, Summer-Schools, Boot-Camps and Residencies for Arts and Culture, based on participatory planning and having transnational dimension and participation, are on the monthly schedule.
We provide high quality Consulting and Studying Services related to Cultural Management, Strategic Planning, Mapping and exploitation of the local Creative Economy for both Local Government and Public Organizations as well as for cultural organizations and private sector groups.
Through MOSAIC RESEARCH we are studying current issues and trends for creativity, entrepreneurship, innovation and developments in the arts and culture sector, identifying and highlighting opportunities at regional and national level and proposing sustainable and viable policies and strategies. We map out the potential and dynamics of each industry and transfer ideas and good practices from other areas or countries.
Finally, MOSAIC is offering a modern, boutique small collaborative office space, building a selected community of creative individuals, professionals and start-ups from different cultural backgrounds. The intention is to cover the needs of the creative people for work, business meetings, teambuilding activities, seminars, exhibitions and presentations.

How is this project important for MOSAIC?

By participating in this project, we want to observe, study and eventually present the main good practices of political activism and critical thinking that have taken place in Greece over the years, especially from a cultural and educational perspective.

How will MOSAIC use the project results?

Consequently, we want to raise our voice against radicalization tendencies that could eventually cause deep trauma in the process of ever-evolving European integration. We will take the good practices presented in the PACT project not only as positive theoretical examples of cultural and general political resistance, but also as practical inspiration for our future initiatives. In the near future, MOSAIC would like to adapt and reproduce the most effective good practices through workshops, seminars and other cultural initiatives (e.g. plays, artistic installations, etc.) to raise the awareness of the citizens of our region and country in a thoughtful and creative way. PACT could become a source of inspiration for several creative initiatives of political activism in an effort to achieve an everlasting process of democratization.

Motto in relation to the project: Culture for open-minded and active citizens

Gerorge Sarlis

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