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UG Klara i Rosa

Living in a multinational environment with a strong influence of national and traditional elements encouraged us to found an association with the mission to create an independent space of freedom of expression, exchange and creation. Through culture and art, we connect different social groups, redefine public space and work to contribute to social change in the local community. UG Klara i Rosa is also the initiator of the foundation of the umbrella organization Center for Contemporary Culture and Art, Subotica, which is a platform that brings together artists and cultural workers and works to strengthen these actors, through promotion, education and other types of support.

How is this project important for UG Klara i Rosa?

Participation in the PACT project contributes to the development of knowledge and skills that further develop the activism and critical approach of the different actors. We put a special focus on young people in our community and work on improving the existing conditions. The research of the Umbrella Association of Youth of Serbia "Alternative report on the situation and needs of youth in Serbia in 2018" states that 71% of respondents expressed the desire to leave the place where they live and that most of them want to go to Western European countries. The same survey says that 49% of young people believe that Serbia needs a strong leadership that the people will follow, and from this we can conclude that in our society there is a belief that an individual should not rely on his abilities, but passively wait for a savior who will solve problems. Our initiative promotes the idea of independence, activation and association. The need for young people's activation and involvement in social flows is confirmed by the research "Youth - Our Present - Investigation of Social Biographies of Young People in Serbia", indicating low levels of social activism among young people (active 6.2%, partially passive 14.81% and passive 78.99%).

How will UG Klara i Rosa use the project results?

We will disseminate the acquired knowledge and results from this project through workshops for young people, but also through trainings for lecturers, high school professors, teachers, youth workers, with the aim of bringing this newly developed methodology as a useful tool for teachers in civic education.

Motto in relation to the project: Guided by Gandhi's thoughts: "Be the change you want to see in the world". we are moving thoughtfully, planned, courageously towards our goal of creating an independent space of freedom of expression where all social actors can act proactively.

Gordana Ciganjik
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